Retirement : SWAT

World War VI,as it is being called,has made its mark in some of the well-known Club Penguin Armies. There’s been a lot going on these days and I thought it was reasonable enough to give it a go. But I thought,why not SWAT for now? As they haven’t been given much attention these days.
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Hello there troops! I’m sorry for being sooo strict and angry over the past days.I hope you’ll forgive me. You may have not seen me online on our chat for some time.That’s because I’m busy with school,my exams are coming up,so I’ll need another backup leader. Hehe.

Another thing,I heard Rajiv is giving out the password for the chat,it’s good thing I found out,but unnecessarily,Electrode used it and he gained access,which sucks. I’ve changed the password now,but I’ll either have to reset the chat or make a new one because I HATE Rajiv,he’s gonna pay. And why? Well,here are the reasons:
1. He’s lousy.
2. He is never active.
3. He’s a liar.
4. He’s not loyal.
5. He’s lame and he’s losing his job now.
See you soon everyone,for now,bye!

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Hello there Agents! I have news and news that you don’t really want to hear.Let me break it down to you first, THE CREEPY WARRIORS FORFEITED THE EVENT TODAY. Let me tell you the whole story though and it’s very long,there will be demotions. YES,demotions and I’m serious and I need to have a talk with all the STUPID members of EPAA. I’m scheduling a discussion for th members of EPAA AND IT IS COMPULSORY FOR ALL OF YOU TO COME OR DEMOTION.
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EPAA and XRV Are One

Hey there Agents! X-Ray Vision Army has merged with US to form one big army. They’re number is pretty big. Maxing about 10 – 12. That’s good. With EPAACP having 7,the total becomes 17 – 19 people. That’s awesome. XRV will still be having their own events,but will also be working for us. Understand.

Do you all understand what a moment this is for the history of EPAA? If we become successful,then we all can become legends and EPAA will be known as a ‘LEGENDARY’ army.

For now,bye and good day.

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EPAA vs The Creepy Warriors

We are having our first event and we must win it!!!!!!!!!!!

When: November 9th 2012
Time: 12:30 PM EST, 5:00 UK
Server: Northern Lights


I have faith in my troops.

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Hey there Agents! For those of you who haven’t it is compulsory for those who HAVE joined,they MUST comment on the ‘Join’ page. This is to be done so,because the Army Leaders must know who we have recruited and how many in total do we have. Also,I have sent a request to SMAC to register us for the ‘Top 1o’.
Bye for now.

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Recruiting Session

Hello there. I must re-sign us up for SMAC. Here are the details for our event though.

Date: November 10th 2012
Time: 6 PM UK, 1 PM EST (Updated later)
Server: Abominable,Mammoth
Chats: Monchocho and Riffy888

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Our New Site

Our site has been moved due to Google NOT bringing it up. Now this is our official site. 😀

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